What to do with a website?

In early 2004 I purchased a domain name and a little bit of space on a server and set up mortalisrpg.com. Initially it was for a table-top RPG project, but that quickly morphed into a live-action RPG (LARP) project within a year. The project itself never saw full completion (at least as I would define it) but did give me space to write about LARPing and so I did for several years. Time passes, people change, and by around 2010 I no longer was regularly LARPing and a few years later I had stopped altogether. For the past several years … Continue reading

Garb for Sale for LARPing or for Faire

Every so often there comes a time when the garb closet needs to be cleaned out from the stuff I’m not wearing, and this year is a clean-out-the-garb-closet-year. Some of the items here are ideal if you’re a LARPer and others may be better if you’re a Rennie, but any of them can be worn to a faire or a fantasy-medieval LARP regardless. Click a photo to bring up a larger version of a picture. If you are interested in any of the items please use the handy dandy form on the left side of the page under ‘Contact Us’ … Continue reading

Revisiting My Guild Seeker’s Interview Questions

In an earlier posting I shared my Guild Seeker’s Interview Questions, but I didn’t go into depth of why I ask them and what I hope to learn from each one. I figured it would be good to revisit them. I also want to expand them from those I ask as a potential guild member to the recruitment team or leadership to include their counterpart that I’d ask as a member of guild leadership to a prospective member. One thing that people might notice is that the list has expanded by two questions. It’s gone from five to seven, but … Continue reading

Bad Behavior and Organizational Culture: A Follow-up

When I posted the earlier post, it generated a lot of discussion on my personal Facebook page. One of the comments posted included the following: “I’m still left wondering why they tolerated such behavior to the degree they had.” I feel a need to share my answers because I think it elaborates not only on the situation, but on the quote in the initial article: Some people have a hard time enforcing rules because they don’t want to upset an individual, they’re too passive and accepting … of any behavior. In the case of RainFurrest, I think it came down … Continue reading