It’s Alive! a.k.a. Digging up an old project

A recent conversation with an individual whom contacted me out of the blue has me revisiting and picking AgileLARP back up and brushing the dust off.

What is AgileLARP? The page on it gives some information, however I’ve also come up with this blurb, which I think is a bit more descriptive as to what it will be when completed:

AgileLARP is a LARP engine, not unlike a computer game engine, but that it is specifically designed for live role-playing. Its job is to provide the structure and framework necessary to build a LARP around, but isn’t a whole or complete LARP in and of itself.

It will have the bare bones rules needed to run a game, but there will be areas left “blank” allowing game creators to fill in those details needed for the game that they’re writing and want to run. Along with the rules section, there will be a guidance section for game creators to provide them with the insight needed to understand why certain design decisions were made and provide assistance in filling in those blanks.

This time I’ve a feeling I’ll actually complete this project, particularly since now there is some genuine interest in it and using it.

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