Changes Underway

Earlier this year I started giving thought to what would become of Mortalis Games now that I’m not near as active a LARPer as I once was (I’ve pretty much entered LARP retirement). I decided that since I still game that it would become a hub for all my gaming related activity. The LARP stuff is still there, but it’s all under LARP in the menu. In addition to LARP there’s been a spot added for computer/console gaming and tabletop gaming. There’s also a link where you can watch any live-streaming of the Pixel Killing Network on directly from the Mortalis Game site. In short Mortalis Games is becoming less of just a LARP related website and more of a generalist gamer site for Amber E.

With these changes to the focus and content of Mortalis Games, there have been some (and will yet be) some changes to the look and feel of the site. The two biggest changes that people will notice right away is that the home page and the menu have changed. There are still a few more changes planned for the website, primarily in some of the content.

Enjoy the visit and the findings here.

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