What to do with a website?

In early 2004 I purchased a domain name and a little bit of space on a server and set up mortalisrpg.com. Initially it was for a table-top RPG project, but that quickly morphed into a live-action RPG (LARP) project within a year. The project itself never saw full completion (at least as I would define it) but did give me space to write about LARPing and so I did for several years. Time passes, people change, and by around 2010 I no longer was regularly LARPing and a few years later I had stopped altogether. For the past several years my site has just been sitting here. Occasionally I’ll write a blurb, but I’m no longer regularly doing anything with it.

While I no longer really LARP, I still game, and I realize I’m in a unique position, too, because I work for a game company (spoilers: 1) it’s not in game design or creation at all, and 2) it’s Electronic Arts). I’m currently working on putting together (finishing putting together, might be better) a 13th Age table-top RPG campaign, and I do enjoy killing pixels at the PC or my Xbox.

This is where I need your help. Knowing what you know about me and what I’m doing, what do you want to read about? What are you curious to know? If you could ask me anything and have me blog about it, what would you ask?

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