Agile LARP

Agile LARP is two interconnected aspects: a simple, generic rule system and information on how to design for that system, or another way to look at it, a basic rules set and a design philosophy. It is designed to allow game creators the freedom and flexibility to customize the specifics to their game and their game’s needs while having a core set of rules that is simple and easy to learn and adjudicate, but still provides the framework for rich interaction.

One of the key goals of this system is to encourage and keep the game flow and story moving without frequent stops to adjudicate a fight or other conflict resolution and to encourage if-you-can-do-it-you-can-do-it interactions between players. Another goal is that it is being created in such a way that the core rules can be utilize for either live-combat or simulated-combat games and for any genre, it is not specific to any particular style or genre of LARP.

This project is still under development.