Revisiting My Guild Seeker’s Interview Questions

In an earlier posting I shared my Guild Seeker’s Interview Questions, but I didn’t go into depth of why I ask them and what I hope to learn from each one. I figured it would be good to revisit them. I also want to expand them from those I ask as a potential guild member to the recruitment team or leadership to include their counterpart that I’d ask as a member of guild leadership to a prospective member. One thing that people might notice is that the list has expanded by two questions. It’s gone from five to seven, but… Continue reading

Sci-Fi Fantasy pixel killing and my guild seeker’s interview questions

The Pixel Killing Goodness Recently I decided to try a game that I saw advertised called SkyForge. SkyForge blends both sci-fi and fantasy in an interesting mix that works really well. It’s a free-to-play game, but with a premium subscription option. If you have a subscription then you gain some resources a bit faster or easier than the non-paying option, but it is NOT a pay-to-win game. It’s better to look at it as a pay-to-improve-a-bit-faster. They have done pretty good to stay away from pay-to-win, putting caps in place to keep even the paid account members from accruing resources… Continue reading