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This is a collection of PDFs, organized by topic category as originally seen on the index page, of the former US LARP Wiki that was hosted at It was started in May 2012 by the members of the US LARP Academia mailing list, but soon had individuals who weren't a part of the mailing list helping to add content. It's purpose was to document LARP here in the US. It was taken down in March 2014 due to lack of use by the US larp community.

Also included in the ZIP is an XML dump of the wiki content and images so that people have access to the raw page data. This is located in another zip folder within the PDFs.

The US LARP Wiki PDFs and wiki dump zip file are being released under the same license that the wiki originally operated under: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. For more information on this license please visit:

For more information on what the US LARP Wiki was please visit the US LARP Wiki page at Mortalis Games.

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