Character Background

    Filling out this background sheet is optional but will enable us to integrate your character into Plot. We are looking for concise, brief descriptions, not novels, so we can index your character quickly and come up with plot for everyone as easily as possible. Additional information can be written on the back, and we may contact you if we have questions. If you wish to send a separate novelette about your character for our entertainment, feel free, but this is the form we will use for our planning.

1) Player Name:

2) Character Name:

3) Where was your character born, and into what station of life was s/he born into?

4) What is your character's general motivation for coming to Highpoint, and adventuring in general? What does s/he hope to accomplish?

5) What are your character's greatest fears?

6)What does your character like/love, dislike/hate?

7) Who are your character's enemies, and why?

7) What are your character's priorities in life?

8) Has your character any deep dark secrets?