Roleplay Questionnaire

This questionnaire is not about what your character is like or what s/he wants. This is about what you, the player, want in your roleplaying experience. There are no wrong answers; no one will label you as a poor roleplayer simply because you make certain choices. This is simply to help us understand what kinds of plots you would be interested in participating in. Most likely, we will only direct very specific kinds of plots to players that have filled out this form, so that we know that everything will be enjoyable to the participants. You can either print this form and mail it to us, or cut and paste and E-Mail it to us.

1: What is your tolerance for unusual adversity visited upon your character?

A) You bet! Having my character tortured by a psychopath for three hours then killed so he'll only remember the first bits sounds like a great roleplaying opportunity to me!

B) It's not my joy in life but I'll sacrifice my character for the good of an important plot and play along.

C) No idea.

D) Look, real life is hard enough. I come to a fantasy game to have a nice time.


2. What role do you think romance should play in live action roleplaying?

A) Harlequin Romances aren't mushy enough for me.

B) Just enough to give a little interest to the game is fine, but don't go overboard with me.

C) No idea.

D) That stuff makes me vomit. I'd rather be killing things.

E: Other:_______________________________________________________________

3. How willing are you to devote your character's time to being a Plot device?

A) Support is my idea of fun. Use me for anything; I'll run an inn, do lots of boring guard duty, you name it.

B) I'll do things as they come up in roleplay but I also have other things I want to do.

C) No idea.

D) I have too much happening already in my character's life.

E) Other:______________________________________________________________

4. What are your general roleplay goals? (Circle as many as apply.)

A) I want to see the game work well.

B) I want to become a well-known and very involved Hero/Villain.

C) I want to relax and unwind with friends in a fun setting.

D) I want to delve into my character's psyche and concentrate on deep levels of character interaction.

E) I want to try out new things that I would never be able to do in real life.

F) Roleplay isn't the issue. Power is the issue.

G) Other:_____________________________________________________________

5. What are your interests in Leadership opportunities?

A) I love to organize and motivate people. I would make a good noble or General.

B) I'm decent at organizing things but I'd rather have someone else do it if they really want it.

C) I have no idea.

D) I'd like to learn more how to do this, but I have no experience at it.

E) I am a great team player. Many times these games have too many Chiefs, not enough Indians.

F) Other:______________________________________________________________

6. Comments on your theories and wishes for good roleplay: