Painted Veil

Painted Veil was a street-theater game that was put together by ~C and that was to take place in Seattle, WA. Below is the information from the original game website that was hosted here at Mortalis Games:

For those who’ve heard of this kind of thing, it’s a Street-LARP. I’m calling it Street-Theater because there’s more emphasis on the theatrical aspects: Character, Story, and Costuming and less that make it like other LARPs that I’ve played in: Rules, Game-Balance, and Black Trench Coats.

It’s a story and a game, but it’s more story than a game. Game implies a sense of fairness and fair play. Story does not, and thus Painted Veil will be decidedly unfair. Good things will happen to bad people, bad to good, and the universe may side with people it shouldn’t. Luck itself will be harsher on people who can take it, or people who want to face a challenging game. It’ll be this way because I believe it will make for better story. And unlike other games, use of the rules or simply having a skill or power will only ever get you so far, but rarely be enough to finish the job. It’s the clever application of what your character has (and the risky application of what they don’t have) that is simply necessary. And any solution may cause more problems, too.

Painted Veil is designed to attract players that read the above and say ‘cool’ and not really concern themselves with the idea that the game that is, much like the real world, very unfair. Painted Veil is also designed to attract players that like to come up with creative and/or daring solutions and using the resources they have like some sort of social MacGyver.