About Mortalis Games

Back in 2004 when this website was started Mortalis Games was the home of a now retired tabletop RPG project. Over time it evolved into a hub for LARPing as the owner, Amber E. was heavily involved with that for many, many years. Since then it has developed into its own entity with its own purpose that has surpassed what was originally envisioned for it. It has become the online home for Amber E. as a place to chronicle and post thoughts and details about gaming in all the forms she participates in: tabletop RPGs, computer and console, and to a lesser degree these days LARPing.

Amber E. is a long time gamer who has enjoyed participation as both a player or staff/GM in several LARPs and tabletop games that run the gamut of styles and genres and she’s an avid computer gamer. She’s the head of Mortalis Games, a former LARP columnist on RPG.net, and has been a speaker on panels or a workshop presenter on such topics as game mastering, world building, and LARP creation at conventions like PAX Prime, GeekGirlCon, and Norwescon. She has also done the editing, design and typesetting for both academic publications put out in conjunction with the first and second WyrdCons (Journeys to another world and Branches of Play). Outside of LARPing Amber enjoys neo-folk music, reading about medieval history, game design and various other novels. She is a confirmed chocoholic and loves to spend time with her cat Schrödie. Amber calls the Emerald City area, better known as the Seattle, Washington, area her home.