What to do with a website?

In early 2004 I purchased a domain name and a little bit of space on a server and set up mortalisrpg.com. Initially it was for a table-top RPG project, but that quickly morphed into a live-action RPG (LARP) project within a year. The project itself never saw full completion (at least as I would define it) but did give me space to write about LARPing and so I did for several years. Time passes, people change, and by around 2010 I no longer was regularly LARPing and a few years later I had stopped altogether. For the past several years… Continue reading

LARP List Update

It had been a while since the LARP List had been visited, links checked, and games updated. That has now been done. A couple of entries have been removed as they pointed to games or events which are no longer active and a few others have been added. Many have has URL updates so that if you click a link it’ll now go to an active site or page with information on it. If you know of a LARP in the Everett-Seattle-Tacoma, Washington area that’s not on the list please let me know and I’ll add it. Continue reading

Changes Underway

Earlier this year I started giving thought to what would become of Mortalis Games now that I’m not near as active a LARPer as I once was (I’ve pretty much entered LARP retirement). I decided that since I still game that it would become a hub for all my gaming related activity. The LARP stuff is still there, but it’s all under LARP in the menu. In addition to LARP there’s been a spot added for computer/console gaming and tabletop gaming. There’s also a link where you can watch any live-streaming of the Pixel Killing Network on Twitch.tv directly from… Continue reading

It’s Alive! a.k.a. Digging up an old project

A recent conversation with an individual whom contacted me out of the blue has me revisiting and picking AgileLARP back up and brushing the dust off. What is AgileLARP? The page on it gives some information, however I’ve also come up with this blurb, which I think is a bit more descriptive as to what it will be when completed: AgileLARP is a LARP engine, not unlike a computer game engine, but that it is specifically designed for live role-playing. Its job is to provide the structure and framework necessary to build a LARP around, but isn’t a whole or… Continue reading

Back to Blogging

I’ve started writing down topics that I’d like to cover as I return to blogging at this site. If there’s something you feel would be a good topic, please let me know. Outside of that, I’m hoping in the next couple of months to start putting up regular blog posts once or twice a month. Continue reading

This is a test

It is only a test… or maybe it isn’t. 😉 I’ve been thinking this blog is getting a tad neglected and perhaps it’s time to start writing again, just shorter articles that the former iteration. Right now I’m sorting out possible topics and if I want to adopt a particular posting schedule. I’ve also updated my WordPress install to allow auto posting of entries to my Facebook page and then subsequently my Twitter feed. I no longer need to manually do a status update, the plugin takes care of it all. Woot! Now to start thinking and planning. Continue reading

Busy, busy bees … on a subdomain

While mortalisrpg.com has been pretty quiet, one of the subdomains of this site has been pretty busy. That subdomain belongs to the US LARP Wiki at larpwiki.mortalisrpg.com. The US Larp Wiki is intended to become a knowledgebase of information about the US larp scene. A way to record the collective tribal knowledge that is scattered about the community. This will include, but is not exclusive of: historical, factual, theoretical, instructional and artistic information. If you’re a US LARPer and want to contribute, all you need to do is create an account at the wiki website and start contributing. Continue reading

Why the crickets?

At the start of the year the site was given an overhaul, old articles reposted and then … crickets. While things have been quite on this site, real life and some side projects have kept me busy. The primary side project is the creation of a LARP group in the Seattle area whose focus is on unrelated (meaning not campaign or chronicle tied) one-shot games and not being tied to any one particular rule set or genre. If you’re going to be at Norwescon myself and my cohorts will be running a Paranoia game on Friday and a Firefly/Serenity themed… Continue reading

Somwhere between old and new

If you’ve visted the site any time between the New Years Day of this year and about a week ago you’d remember how … empty the site was. That’s no longer the case. All of the old article content has been restored (some of the links within are still broken as they point to the old site*). I’m now focusing on the static site content: the pages, and the project pages in particular. * I don’t plan on updating these links as I look at these articles as legacy writings and it’s easy enough to search for the other articles… Continue reading