The Collective

The Collective was a pervasive LARP that was briefly run in the Seattle, WA, area and at the 2011 WyrdCon. Below is a brief explanation of the game.

The Collective is a game of intrigue, mystery and puzzles. This is accomplished through a two-fold theme, each being different sides of the same coin: Mysteries and the resulting Discoveries. This is reflected and explored in a few ways, including:

  • Societies. Both those that are player created and plot character created and those that have a history in real life and those that are fictional. What challenges do people face seeking more information as well as seeking to conceal information about such groups? And ultimately because of this, do such institutions have a place in society in this modern day?
  • Puzzles. Secrets in and of themselves are often puzzles, however puzzles can also be used to conceal secrets, lead people off the trail of the truth by providing a more enticing path or provide the truth only to those know know the key to solving it. Puzzles combined with the mystery inherent within the game and use of societies add the intrigue to the mix.
  • Ethics. Some of the mysteries that people will find will deal with some ethical issues and some issues that may not necessarily have a black and white, good and bad and positive and negative sides. Sometimes the decision is between good and better, and trying to figure out which is the better option.
  • History. This game plays with history, and not a parallel history of our world, but our own history. There will be some fiction worked into that history for the sake of the game, however history is not being rewritten to create the game setting. Our present is affected by our past — who we are and what has shaped us — and our future builds on the building block of all of our yesterdays.

It’s set in our own world, but with a twist. There are some fictional pieces woven into various parts of the history utilized within the game, which may be hard to discern from actual history creating a psudo-fictional world. While the game pulls on the past it is placed in the present, modern day.

This modern day setting will not be like White Wolf’s World of Darkness, though one may draw some parallels between the two. Vampires, werewolves and other aspects of White Wolf’s setting will not be found within this game, even though aspects of such darkness may be eluded to.

This pervasive LARP is about secrets, discovery and choices and what happens when faced with choices, and how those choices may impact the immediate and distant future.