The US Larp Wiki was intended to become a knowledgebase of information about the US larp scene. A way to record the collective tribal knowledge that was scattered about the community. This included, but wasn’t exclusive of: historical, factual, theoretical, instructional and artistic information.

The US Larp Wiki was made by everyone and anyone who made the choice to contribute. No gods, no masters, just doers. It was started by the members of the LARP Academia mailing list in May 2012 with contributors drawn from all across the US larp scene via the US LARP Wiki Facebook Group and was administrated by Amber E. It was run completely non-profit for the benefit of the US larp community. Mortalis Games was responsible for the set up and hosting space for the US LARP Wiki.

The US LARP Wiki was brought down in March 2014 due to lack of use by the US larp community. An archive of the page content is available for download on this site in the downloads area to the left (it will be the only zip file in the list).